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Welcome To HÖRSTAD

We are HÖRSTAD: the market-leading manufacturer of underfloor heating systems that promises results beyond the ordinary. Serving architects, developers, builders and homeowners with a service renowned for engineering excellence, innovation and energy efficiency, our experience and expertise is trusted throughout the UK and beyond. Why settle for standard?

We’re more than just an underfloor heating manufacturer. We are experienced designers and leading experts in underfloor heating products, bringing together a dynamic team of product designers and engineers to provide a complete solution for our customers. We understand that for any business or homeowner, the installation of underfloor heating systems can represent a significant investment. That’s why we work with trusted HORSTAD installers around the UK to ensure you get the best possible result, within your budgetary and operational requirements. So whether you’re a dedicated UFH installer or a builder looking to include a class leading underfloor heating system in your project, call on HORSTAD: the experts you can trust.

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