Underfloor Heating Systems

expertly developed by our technicians
and design team to ensure low running
costs, ease of installation and
practical control solutions.

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The HÖRSTAD range of products has become widely celebrated for its unwavering commitment to performance, innovation and engineering excellence. Why settle for standard?

As the UK’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of Underfloor Heating Systems and their related products, our reputation is based on a foundation of superior product quality. Whether you’re an architect, builder or private homeowner, our extensive inventory provides everything you need to complete a successful UFH installation.


HÖRSTAD’s range of UFH Pipe products promise ultimate flexibility, and are widely chosen by businesses, organisations and homeowners alike for the ease of installation they provide. Boasting a high level of resistance to chemicals, an impressively wide temperature range and excellent tensile strength, our UFH Pipes are supported with a lifetime warranty meaning you can proceed in confidence.


Our range of specialist tools ensure that your installation process is quick and easy. Our pipe decoilers are a bare essential for virtually any UFH installation. Meanwhile, no screeded floor UFH installation should be attempted without HÖRSTAD tacker guns. To save time and ensure a better-quality install, place your order now. 


The HÖRSTAD selection of UFH accessories provides the complete range you need to complete a successful UFH installation. From high-quality pumps and valves required for all installations to border edging products, our accessory range can be delivered throughout the UK with some of the shortest lead times available.


expertly developed to ensure low running costs AND ease of installation

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