HÖRSTAD Manifolds
An underfloor heating manifold is the heart of the system, from this point it distributes warm water to each underfloor heating zone. They connect the underfloor heating pipework to the heat source, feeding water at the correct temperature from either the boiler or heat pump via a blending value.

HÖRSTAD Manifolds

Durable. Intelligent. Totally flexible according to your heating requirements. HÖRSTAD is proud to offer manifolds that are market-leading and trusted by businesses, organisations and individuals throughout the United Kingdom.

Offering unparalleled intelligence and complete flow & return bars as well as valves, our manifolds are constructed with stainless steel to offer ultimate longevity. We also incorporate flow indicators and adjustable valves to give you flexibility whenever it’s needed.

Manifolds Products


expertly developed to ensure low running costs AND ease of installation

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