HÖRSTAD Chipboard Panel

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HÖRSTAD Chipboard Panel with return for 16mm pipe (150mm spacing) 1800mm x 605mm x 22mm. Moisture resistant, routed chipboard available standard or foiled. Highly conductive
which allows for an even spread of heat throughout the floor. System should be completed with an overlay board or suitable plywood. The board size is 2400mm x 600mm x 22mm, being grooved on one face as required to suit 12mm underfloor heating pipe with radius returns as standard. Typically installed directly onto floor joists (usually insulated inbetween), utilising standard chipboard screws and joint adhesive. An overlay board or suitable plywood should be applied prior to the application of any floor finishes. Suitable for new build or retrofit installations. Installed directly onto floor joists allowing for a lower floor build up. For extra thermal performance we offer a foil faced option.


expertly developed to ensure low running costs AND ease of installation

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