Behind the Scenes. How HÖRSTAD Fuels Project Success at Next Level.

In the industry of underfloor heating and floor screeding, precision, reliability, and innovation are paramount. As niche experts, Next Level Underfloor Heating and Screed Solutions recognises the crucial value of collaborating with partners that share our dedication to quality. That is why we are pleased to highlight HÖRSTAD, a leading provider of high-quality underfloor heating systems, as one of our valued partners.

HÖRSTAD has established itself as an incredible heating supplier, known for producing cutting-edge underfloor heating technologies that combine efficiency and sustainability. However, the performance of any heating system is determined not only by its installation. Recognising this, we at Next Level have formed a solid connection with HÖRSTAD, understanding that their high-quality goods compliment our installation skills, which has allowed us to provide outstanding results for our clients.

We can talk a lot about the guys from HÖRSTAD, but to structure this, here are the core things we value the most in their company:

Excellent Customer Support:

HÖRSTAD’s dedication to providing excellent customer service shows through in every engagement. From timely replies to technical questions to proactive problem-solving, their devoted support team continually goes above and beyond to meet our demands. Recently, when presented with an installation dilemma, their staff gave great information and support, allowing us to easily handle the issue. This degree of personalised care and reactivity not only boosts our trust in HÖRSTAD’s products, but it also cements our cooperation for years to come.

Unique Product Offerings:

HÖRSTAD has a variety of unique product options that greatly contribute to the underfloor heating landscape. Their product portfolio includes cutting-edge technology, such as sophisticated heating components that are optimised for energy efficiency and comfort. HÖRSTAD’s customisable choices allow installers like us to create personalised solutions that exceed customer expectations. HÖRSTAD’s products take our installations to the next level, setting us apart from the competition.

Meticulousness and Thoroughness

HÖRSTAD specialises in rigorous attention to detail while providing underfloor heating systems. Their products are precisely built with an emphasis on accuracy and dependability, ensuring smooth operation and peak performance. This rigorous approach not only improves the efficiency and lifespan of heating systems, but also allows us to provide outstanding installations that exceed customer expectations.

Long-Term Reliability and Durability

HÖRSTAD’s dedication to long-term reliability and durability is reflected in the quality and performance of its products. HÖRSTAD’s solutions provide installers and end users with peace of mind, since they are backed by complete warranty coverage and substantial product lifespan statistics. Satisfies customers’ testimonials speak to the long-term performance advantages of HÖRSTAD’s underfloor heating systems, with many reporting considerable energy savings and increased comfort. HÖRSTAD is confident in creating installations that will last for years, assuring our clients’ long-term happiness.

Quickness and Efficiency

In the fast-paced construction sector, time is of importance, and HÖRSTAD understands the value of promptness and efficiency. Whether it’s sourcing supplies on short notice or responding quickly to changes in project plans, their staff always goes above and beyond to ensure that we have all we need to finish our installations on time. This attention to timeliness not only demonstrates their unshakeable commitment to client satisfaction, but also allows us to carry out tasks smoothly and without delay.

Our Recent Case Study: Edinburgh Residential Project

Our recent project in Edinburgh demonstrated the efficiency of our relationship with HÖRSTAD. The job included sourcing and installing insulation as well as laying a floor screed, providing our customer with a complete answer to their demands. However, the voyage was not without hurdles.

Several modifications to the project plans occurred in the run-up to the installation, necessitating swift adaption to changing needs. Furthermore, on the day of installation, unplanned thermostat modifications added to the project’s difficulty. Despite these challenges, HÖRSTAD’s staff remained strong in their assistance, reacting quickly to our demands and ensuring that we had the required documents and direction to go forward successfully. 

HÖRSTAD’s solution proved useful. Their high-quality products and effective solutions helped us overcome barriers and achieve amazing results. Our customer was pleased with the results our work. The underfloor heating system, which was supplied by HÖRSTAD, delivered outstanding comfort and efficiency, exceeding the client’s expectations. The technology not only provided equal warmth throughout the room, but it also helped to save substantial amounts of energy, improving the property’s overall sustainability.

Finally, our collaboration with HÖRSTAD has enabled us to provide exceptional underfloor heating and floor screeding solutions to our clients. Their professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to client satisfaction have repeatedly raised the bar for our projects, established an industry benchmark. As we look to the future, we are excited to continue working with HÖRSTAD, convinced that together we will redefine comfort and quality in underfloor heating systems.  

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