From Installer to Manufacturer.

In the dynamic world of underfloor heating, where comfort meets innovation, our journey as installers turned manufacturers has given us a unique perspective. HÖRSTAD, unlike others in the industry, is not just a product provider but an ally who intimately understands the daily struggles and triumphs of installers. We were once in your shoes, grappling with the challenges of installations, and that shared experience has become the driving force behind our commitment to addressing installer frustrations and priorities.

Understanding Your Frustrations:

We’ve been there – wrestling with intricate underfloor heating systems, navigating tight spaces, and troubleshooting unexpected issues. The frustration of a complicated installation process is something we remember all too well. That’s why HÖRSTAD has been moulded by our first-hand experiences to develop solutions that not only meet but anticipate the pain points installers face on a daily basis.

Precision and Ease of Installation:

Installing underfloor heating systems shouldn’t be a puzzle, and we know that better than anyone. Our products are crafted with a keen eye on precision and simplicity, ensuring that your installation process is smooth and error-free. We’ve incorporated products that streamline the process, making your job easier and ensuring that the end-users receive a reliable and efficient heating solution.

Responsive Support Because We’ve Been There:

Our commitment to you doesn’t end when our products leave the warehouse. We understand that challenges can arise in the field, and that’s why our customer support team is dedicated, responsive, and always ready to assist. We’ve been on the receiving end of support, or sometimes the lack thereof, and it’s this experience that drives us to provide the kind of support we wished we had during our installation days.

Innovations Driven by Your Insights:

Your feedback is our greatest asset. We actively seek input from installers because we know that your insights drive innovation. We understand that the industry is ever-changing, and by collaborating with you, we ensure that our products evolve to meet the dynamic needs of the field.


Quality Assurance Through Your Feedback:

Quality assurance is more than a process for us; it’s a commitment to you. We incorporate your feedback into our quality control processes, ensuring that every product leaving our facility not only meets but exceeds the practical demands you face. This dedication to excellence not only ensures customer satisfaction but also cements our reputation as a manufacturer that genuinely comprehends the installer’s perspective.

In the competitive landscape of underfloor heating manufacturers, we, at HÖRSTAD, stand proudly as installers turned innovators. Our journey from the installation field to the manufacturing floor has given us a deep connection with you, as installers. By placing your priorities at the core of our business, we’ve not only revolutionized underfloor heating supply but have become a trusted partner for installers seeking reliability, innovation, and unwavering support. Together, we continue to shape the future of underfloor heating.

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