Cemfloor is a specially formulated self levelling cementitious floor screed. It is a mixture of binders and selected aggregates mixed with clean water to produce a pumpable screed.

HÖRSTAD Flow Screed

Cemfloor is a high performance screed which complies with EN 13813 and is the best screed for Underfloor Heating. It is compatible with all types of floor coverings, cementitious adhesives, damp proof membranes and floor levellers.

– Quick application
– Reduced drying time
– Reduces reliance on heavy manual labour
– Liquid product, 100% UFH encapsulation
– Reduced thickness
– Reduces UFH response time
– Foot traffic in 24 to 48 hours
– Minimal drying shrinkage (<0.05%)

Cemfloor screeds are very responsive to underfloor heating; due to the fact that they can be laid in very thin sections and have a high thermal conductivity of up to 2.9w/mk.

To ensure a high quality screed, it is recommended that the application is carried out by a specialist screeding contractor.

Flow Screed Products


expertly developed to ensure low running costs AND ease of installation

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